The competence center ASR

The EOTO Competence center anti-black racism (Racism against Black People) sees itself as a platform on which black expertise influences established social institutions and actors by means of formats of a racism-critical, historical-political educational work and preventive-pedagogical practice and in which black, African and African-diasporic communities and networks ( fort), empowered and empowered as agents of change. These two perspectives are reciprocal.

Our vision is a history conscious, inclusive, discrimination and racism critical society in which black people recognized as a group (s) exposed to the specific and historically contingent form of anti-black racism (ASR); a society that therefore recognizes the need to sustainably decolonize its own social structures and institutions and to find appropriate ways and means to name, understand and combat anti-black racism (ASR).

Each One Teach One (EOTO) eV

Each One Teach One (EOTO) eV is the sponsor of the Competence Center for Anti-Black Racism. The name Each One Teach One was coined in the context of black, anti-racist resistance movements. He points to the lack of access to formal education in the period of enslavement and colonialism and the need to develop and pass on knowledge within black communities and families.

Each One Teach One (EOTO) eV is a community-based education and empowerment project in Berlin. Founded in 2012, the association opened its doors as a neighborhood library in March 2014 and has since been a place for learning and meeting. EOTO presents literature from people of African origin and imparts knowledge in intergenerational dialogue. The reference library includes works by authors from the African continent and the diaspora. It documents more than 8,000 mainly German-language books as well as contemporary documents, black history and the present in and outside of Germany.

Until 2017, EOTO was active in three work areas: Starting from the start as library and Archive, In 2018, the work expanded to the areas Youth work, Representation of interests and networking platform for black people out. The basis for the expansion was the start of model project funding for the development of youth work. In addition, in mid-2017 there was structural development funding for the Federal Agency for Racism Prevention and Empowerment of Black People as part of the federal program “Live Democracy!” by the Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ). Both grants allow EOTO to continuously deepen the professionalization process that started in 2017 and further strengthen the basis of the association's many years of voluntary work. This enables EOTO to take the next steps and come closer to its goal of belonging to the organizations of black people who have a significant influence on German society, Europe and the associated African diaspora through community building, youth and cultural work as well as political advocacy. This is linked to the hope of being able to set new trends for anti-black racism in the context of the current UN decade of people of African origin, for society as a whole.

With additional funding from the Berlin Senate, the Advice center for those affected by anti-black racism (ASR) named EACH ONE ( 2018 as the fourth field of activity of EOTO. Each One Teach One (EOTO) has been working as a Competence center anti-black racism in the federal program “Live Democracy!” and develops quality standards and formats for school-based and extracurricular political educational work.

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