Practical research and research funding

Few statistics are available on the number of people of African origin that allow conclusions to be drawn about the lives of black people in Germany. At present, the number of black people in Germany can only be estimated on the basis of statistics on people with an African migration background (MH). According to the microcensus, 856,000 people in Germany have an African MH. However, if one only starts with the "migration background", one underestimates the number of black people because the statistics do not take into account information about grandparents or previous generations. Thus, neither Germans of African origin in the third or later generation, nor African Americans resident in Germany or African Europeans or other groups of black people are visible in these estimates. If all these groups are taken into account, it can be assumed that over a million people of African origin live in Germany.
Against the background of this knowledge, self-organizations have long been required to collect statistics that, through self-identification, give black people the opportunity to record their research experience, to publish it and to be able to communicate it in a practice-oriented manner.

Through the research project »Afrocensus«, financed by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (ADS), EOTO is now, for the first time, in cooperation with Citizens For Europe (CfE) 2020 conducting a Germany-wide pilot study among black people in order to make basic statements about the experiences of discrimination and life-time perspectives of black people in Germany to be able to.
Building on this, the Competence Center for Anti-Black Racism (ASR) will stimulate further quantitative and qualitative research as well as theoretical reflections, provide practical impulses and bundle technical perspectives. The theoretical foundation of ASR prevention is an important concern here. Through theoretical reflections, practical studies, technical discussions, specialist symposia and topic-related publications, the EOTO Competence Center promotes the transfer of science and practice and thus actively contributes to the diversification and further development of specialist discourses. In terms of subject advocacy, efforts to establish »Black Studies« at German universities and dedicated support for young academics for black academics are also located here.