Education and qualification

The issue of anti-black racism (ASR) and the reappraisal of Germany's colonial past are not yet sufficiently addressed in educational work. This applies to the content of educational materials as well as to school lessons, as well as the training, further education and further training of teachers. The pedagogues lack methods to include racism-critical aspects in their own educational practice. The EOTO Competence Center for Anti-Black Racism draws on many years of experience and expertise in the field of youth and adult education and aims at the further development of preventive-pedagogical specialist practice. With our interdisciplinary team, we develop innovative approaches, concepts and programs for dealing with ASR and discrimination in educational and social fields of action. The competence center's educational department develops standards with and for people working in these areas, for those affected by anti-black violence and discrimination, and provides educational advice for organizations and institutions dealing with anti-black racist incidents. In order to bring about lasting changes, a rigorous, action-critical reflection of racism and a critical inclusion of the issues of colonialism and colonial continuities must take place in all of these areas.

The “Racism Critical Guide” from 2015 has formulated important initial considerations regarding prevention and intervention as well as quality criteria for ASR-critical education. This includes the importance of self-reflection, a stronger integration of prevention and intervention as well as the expansion of cooperation between civil society and state actors. The center of excellence pursues the goal of providing expert advice on the recommendations and quality criteria formulated in the report with experts in the field of ASR racism-critical education and to encourage a collegial exchange.