The UN Decade for People of African Origin

People of African origin, Afrodiasporic and black people combine experiences of discrimination and racism among other things. However, non-discrimination and equality before the law are basic principles of international human rights norms and form the basis of applicable general human rights declarations. The International Decade for People of African Origin was proclaimed by the United Nations for 2015-2024. The main goal of the decade is to promote the respect, protection and implementation of all human rights and fundamental freedoms of people of African origin.
In 2017, a delegation commissioned as part of the decade visited Germany to get an idea of the situation of black people on the ground. The delegation had strong structural (group-based) discrimination against black people. At the same time, black people represent an invisible group in society. The delegation emphasized the acute need for documentation and analysis of the human rights situation of black people in Germany. This has been underlined several times in the past from a human rights perspective (see e.g. CERD General Recommendation No 34 Para 3).

Against this background, EOTO eV understands the motto of the international UN decade "People of African Descent: Recognition, Justice and Development" as an effort to give people of African origin access to support services to overcome the hurdles, disadvantages and exclusions; to find ways to protect people of African origin against racism and discrimination by documenting and archiving knowledge about anti-black racism.
The decade offers the political window in which anti-discrimination projects such as EACH ONE anti-discrimination for the protection and empowerment of black people are increasingly taken into account and put into practice. A look at the situation of black people in Berlin was explicitly set out in the coalition agreement and fleshed out through programs of the State Anti-Discrimination Agency (LADS) located at the Senate Department for Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-Discrimination. In this context, the community consultation process carried out by Generation Adefra on the needs of black people in Berlin was commissioned. 
The EACH ONE project, which supports people of African origin in cases of anti-black racism and structural discrimination and carries out the monitoring of anti-black racism in Berlin, is dedicated to the goals of the UN Decade for People of African Origin and is therefore part of its implementation .