Video series
"Anti-Black Racism Intersectional"

The EOTO "Competence Center Anti-Black Racism" spoke to various people about their experiences and positions on anti-black racism at its various intersections. On March 8th, International Women's Struggle Day, we started with an introductory contribution from Dr. Emilia Roig, the founder and head of the Berlin Center for Intersectional Justice", Because in the words of Kimberly Crenshaw:" A truly intersectional feminism can reach everyone on the planet equally. "From then on, another contribution from the 7-part series" Anti-Black Racism Intersectional "will go live every Monday. Other interlocutors were: Eli Faye Huber (Black in Medicine), Boaz Murinzi Murema (Bantu eV), Tayo Awosusi-Onutor (IniRomnja & RomaniPhen Archive), Tarik Tesfu, Senami from iPÄD (i-Päd - Intersectional Pedagogy Initiative) and Wafa Idris Omer (EOTO youth work). We are very grateful to the 7 for the great conversations and the generosity with which they shared their knowledge with us.

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